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"La Rinascente" Integrated Shopping Centre

Taranto (1997)back to Buildings

Centro Commerciale Integrato "La Rinascente"The Shopping Centre has been built on an area of  100,000 square metres of which 31,000 are covered and 70,000 given over for parking for 2,000 vehicles. The Shopping Centre was commissioned by “La Rinascente S.p.A.” to the company Perotti Srl, the owner of the land where the centre was to be built. The commercial structure was planned and designed to be a social attraction pole which would be able to respond to the needs of the users without losing the traditional dimensions of the market, a walk around the shops, a cup of coffee and a snack in the square; indeed the centre is not only an integrated system of commercial services and supply but above all an illuminated city with its own roads, shops.. stalls. The aim of it all was that of overcoming the cold anonymous conception of the supermarket, to blend it with the most genuine sales tradition with a high technical quality as well as supply and the environment. Reaching these characteristics obviously had to coincide with a perfect integration into the environment which led to the need of blending the requirements of speed and space that a Shopping Centre needs in order to provide a familiar environment and resolving many problems at the same time both logistic and town planning ones. In terms of distribution, the structure is characterised by gallery walkways of distribution on which the shops in the centre are located along with a series of services which provide the pleasant impression of a city environment. The galleries have natural lighting because they are covered by a steel structure covered with glass. They run para1lel and perpendicular to the main facade and are characterised by three distribution squares where they meet. Four medium-sized specialised areas are found on the sides whereas on the front there is the area destined for the hypermarket which characterises the whole structure. All the services areas, goods stockrooms and laboratories used by the nearby commercial areas are located around the outside with direct access from the outside. The Centre was built “all inclusive” on indications by “Rinascente” and professionally finished in all its parts, it was sold to the latter by means of transfer of all the company shares held by the partners of Perotti Srl. The building was delivered in May 1997.