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New provincial executive headquarters of the Treasury and State Archives

Bari (1991)back to Buildings

Nuova Sede Direz. Prov.le del Tesoro e Archivio di Stato

The building complex consists of a prismatic tower which is ten floors high, built above a large plate four floors thick under which three underground levels are located (12,000 square metres approximately) used for archives and parking covering a total of 85,000 cubic metres outside the ground and a usable area of approximately 15,000 square metres. The external cladding is of partially reflecting green glass sheets and pink Sardinian granite, the tower can boast a wonderful view over the city and at the same time its triangular suspension is visually appealing for the external observer. The internal distribution layout of the building was analysed, designed and carried out on the basis of specific indications provided by the Treasury and Archives Ministry. Great internal distribution flexibility is assured by the adoption of “movable” internal partitions which can be easily moved. This design philosophy has been supported by the consequent plant, structural and internal and external finishing choices. The State Archive offices in Bari occupy the “plate block” consisting of the ground floor, first, second and third above ground as well as the first floor basement. This level just like the first floor above ground is completely given over to storing archives and is able to hold over 21,000 metres of shelving; this has led to the adoption of state of the art fire protection and access control systems, which is perfectly integrated with the building surveillance system. The offices of the Provincial executive of the Treasury Ministry of Bari occupy the whole “tower block” of the floors from the fifth to the fourteenth. The building for tertiary use was built “all inclusive” and was completed in 1991.