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INAIL headquarters and Residential complex

Barletta - Bari (1988)back to Buildings

Sede INAIL - Barletta

The building complex, New INAIL headquarters in Barletta consists of  four floors above the ground as well as a floor under the ground used as a covered car park covering a total volume of 10,000 cubic metres above the ground approximately. The over area covered by the building adds up to approximately 5,000 square metres, partly given over to the Legal Medicine centre, archives and offices. Particular care was taken in satisfying the final user as far as specific medical centre equipment was concerned (X ray rooms, consu1ting rooms, examination rooms, etc.). The architectural insertion of this modern building in a historically important area of the city was also possible thanks to the use of the particular type of curtain walling outside the structure in which the bastions of the nearby castle are reflected. A residential housing complex has been built next to the building containing about 30 flats. This building for tertiary use was built “all inclusive” and was completed in 1988.